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Macon Regional Crimestoppers is a local non-profit serving the Bibb, Baldwin, Houston, Jones, Twiggs, Crawford, Monroe, and Peach regional areas. Through our deployed systems as well as the cooperation local law enforcement agencies and the 911 Center, citizens in our community have a safe, secure, and confidential means to report crimes. If a “tip” results in an arrest – a reward will be paid to you confidentially and anonymously!!
We have implemented a list of the criminals against whom warrants have been issued and are being worked through the Macon Regional Crimestoppers systems and efforts. This database is updated daily and can be browsed or searched.
We also publish news items and scheduled events related to the organization and we hope you will take a moment to see what is happening in and around our Crimestoppers community. Also, please take a minute to visit our Sponsors
Macon Regional Crimestoppers, through the efforts of many in the community, has enjoyed great success. This success has enabled the organization to attract the attention of larger programs supported in the federal government and, as a result, we have been awarded three federal grants to help administer specialized campaigns o­n gun crimes and reducing crime in our schools. We talk more o­n this o­n our “Programs” page.
The success of the Macon Regional Crimestoppers is based o­n several critical factors, not the least of which is the focus of our organizational model in the paying of anonymous rewards. Though the federal grant awards are of tremendous value in expanding the scope and program services, it still remains that the vast majority of our rewards are funded out of local giving. Please stop by our “Contribute” page to learn how you can help.
Please look at our “About Us” page to learn more about Macon Regional Crimestoppers and why it was formed.
  • 2011: 524 Criminals Apprended $18,987 in Rewards
  • 2012: 644 Criminals Apprended $17,987 in Rewards
  • 2013: 674 Criminals Apprended $18,987 in Rewards
  • 2014: Arrests: 292 Warrants 607 Cases Cleared 422 Rewards Paid $46,953.00 Cost per arrest 160.80

  • Since Inception:
  • Arrests 4,411
  • Warrants Served 8,301
  • Cases Cleared 6,480
  • Rewards Paid $635,237.00
  • Stolen Property Recovered $637,479.00
  • Cost Per arrest 144.01

  • Student Program
  • Administrative Action: 289
  • Recovered Property $11,775.00
  • Rewards $21,100.00
Call Our Tip Line 478-742-2330

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